The Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Home Improvement Supplies

The Home Improvements Supplies Ltd (HIS) is a leading company in the home improvement industry. It is a leading supplier of new and innovative supplies for various types of projects including residential buildings, commercial and industrial. Its shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange and its shares trade under the Pink Sheets. The company is involved in the supply of materials and services required to carry out domestic and commercial construction activities. It also provides material and electrical supplies, as well as machining and manufacturing services to meet the requirements of clients engaged in housing and building projects.

The business profile is illustrated by the following key facts and data, which come in the customer portfolio. Company operations take place across Great Britain and are primarily based in London. The Company has seven business units that are: Builders and Contractors, Home Decoration and Remodeling Business, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Kitchens and Baths, Interior Design and furnishing Business, and Outdoor Living. As indicated in the below view document, data relating to sales and customer profiles are provided by the company’s office in London.

Customers: Homes are the most essential requirement of the Company, as they have a long term commitment to maintain and improve the performance and state of repair of homes. As such, the Company’s sales are mainly focused towards first-time home buyers who will spend a large amount on their homes in the next five to ten years. First-time homebuyers may be grouped according to their location, type of property purchased, as well as their income and other factors. These factors are then analyzed to obtain an appropriate sales strategy.

Number of Sales: Sales figures are indicative of the health of the company. A successful sales campaign should result in a considerable number of sales over a significant period of time. In addition, the frequency of sales over a certain period should be proportional to the investment required to carry out the work, depending on the overall condition of the property and its market conditions. The number of sales, when compared with the average number of years a property sits on the market, indicates how successful a campaign is.

Supplies: When sourcing materials, the Company seeks to avoid unnecessary expenses, which will only strain the budgets of the clients. As such, the supply chain is made simpler through the procurement of goods from vendors operating in different regions and countries. Each vendor procures raw materials at a price most suitable to his/her circumstances, and the Company monitors the process and ensures that all vendors operate within the framework of the Companie’s standards and policies. This not only helps to facilitate a smoother purchasing procedure for the end-user, but also helps to foster better commercial relationships between the various vendors. This allows each of them to concentrate on delivering quality products to their customers while achieving success in the competitive market.

Customer Services: The key to building and maintaining a successful home or garden business is excellent customer service. The success of the home improvements supplies supplier is dependent upon the high level of satisfaction, it can achieve from its clients. The Client Services Department manages all Customer Service issues, enquiries and complaints in a professional manner. The customer service team takes full advantage of its in-house telemarketing capability and operates a productive and efficient feedback system. This enables the Company to respond quickly to all types of home improvement related issues and build strong customer relationships.

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